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Think Like a Winner: How Renewing Your Mind with God's Word Empowers You to Win in Life
by Krystal Kuehn (Available in Kindle Books , Print and Audio Books Format)
One of the greatest challenges we face in our Christian walk is the renewal of our minds and the application of Biblical truth and principles to our lives. This is an ongoing process, and it is the key to our victory and fulfillment. Think Like a Winner – How Renewing Your Mind with God’s Word Empowers You to Win in Life will inspire and motivate you to live the fulfilling life Jesus died to give you. You will gain a deeper understanding of the power and importance of renewing your mind. You will be given examples and exercises on how to apply and practice Biblical truth and principles. 

This book is a perfect companion to In Christ, I am… and God's Promises on Who You Are in Christ that Will Transform You from the Inside Out

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Positive Thinking l Renewing Your Mind Think Like a Winner
5 Star Reviews
Book Reviews
"This book Think Like A Winner is a valuable resource to add to your library of books! No matter how positive we may think we are, the realities are that all of us succumb to days and periods where we need to be uplifted by the Word of God and Godly advice. I found this book very encouraging and felt like I had a good coach assisting me as there are areas I did not realize are necessary in developing a winning attitude." ~Valerie Caraotta

"I've never read a book, that was so spot on, but also very practical...  Absolutely beautiful and beautifully written."  ~Val Newton-Knowles

"In Think Like a Winner, author Krystal Kuehn, reminds Christians that victorious living begins in the mind. This work challenges readers with practical strategies to internalize scripture, cultivating our minds to receive God's word, allowing the Holy Spirit to transform our thinking. I was personally encouraged by her systematic approach to processing God's life changing word--you will be too." ~Charles W Page MD 

**A winning life begins with positive thinking (see Phil. 4:8)**
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Think Like a Winner
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