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It's a New Day.... Live it, Love it, Make it Matter!™
HOW TO Train Up & Build Up Your Child - 
God's Way!
Over 100 Short Messages & Notes to help you 
Connect, Encourage & Empower Your Child & Those You Love 
by Krystal Kuehn (Available in Kindle Books and Paperback Format)
Do you want your child to be confident, optimistic, grateful, successful, positive, hopeful, joyful, resilient, secure?    

Do you want to better connect and strengthen your relationship with him/her?   You can! 

Children, tweens, teens, young adults - everyone needs encouragement! Giving children simple, uplifting words of encouragement is a priceless gift from a parent that instills strength and security and builds confidence and faith. 

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How to Train Up & Build Up Your Child Gods Way!!
How to Train Up & Build Up Your Child - Gods Way!!
Book Reviews

"Train Up and Build... is a great hands-on tool for parents who want to make a visual difference in their family life. Kuehn offers well-grounded reasons to encourage your child's self-esteem through reminders in the form of notes that can be read when not in a parent or other caregiver's physical presence.....The notes themselves are encouraging, I found, and uplifting, for anyone." ~ Lisa J. Lickel, Best-Selling and Award-Winning Novelist and Magazine Editor

"So many of us are raised in an atmosphere of negativity, sometimes with the best of intentions as was suggested by the author, but leaving us drained of the vitality of life necessary to succeed. This little book will teach the reader how to pick out the good in people and become a true encourager!"  ~ L. Shoshana Rholdes, Registered Nurse, Speaker, and Teacher 

"People go farther than they thought they could when someone else thinks they can. ~John Maxwell

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