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It's a New Day.... Live it, Love it, Make it Matter!™
God's Promises in 8 Key Life Areas- Audio Book
Receive God’s promises and live life to the fullest.
Think Like a Winner-
Audio Book
Inspirational & Motivational Audio Books
How Renewing Your Mind with God’s Word Empowers You to Win in Life will inspire and motivate you to live the winning life.
Enjoy listening to these inspirational audio books on your laptop, Kindle™ tablet, iPhone®, iPod®, and Android™ instantly, anytime!  Ideal for your commute, at home, at the gym...just about anywhere.

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Gods Promises Audio Book
In Christ, I am....
Audio Book
Discover over 150 truths from the Bible about who you are and what you can have  as a child of the Most High God.
In Christ, I am... Audio Book
Think Like a Winner  Audio Book
Anger Management Audio Book
Anger Management-
Audio Book
Get plenty of anger management techniques and tools to help in dealing with anger.
10 Keys to Happy & Loving Relationships
10 Keys to Happy & Loving Relationships
Discover relationship building tools to help make all your relationships more fulfilling, harmonious and successful!
21 Power Habits
for a Winning Life (Vol.1)
Each chapter discusses a power habit with empowering affirmations and words of wisdom.
21 Power Habits Audio Book
Knowing God 
God makes it possible for us to walk with Him in our daily lives, enjoy His presence,  and to know His love.
Knowing God Personally Audio Book
Take My Soul Fiction Audio Book
Take My Soul-
Short Story Fiction
A young man's pursuit of fame and fortune leads him into a costly relationship and unexpected success.
10 Biggest Lies about God Audio Book
The 10 Biggest Lies about God
You will discover the many lies about God that affect your approach, understanding and relationship with Him.
Restore Your Marriage & Fall in Love Again
You will discover how to build a strong and successful marriage.
Restore Your Marriage Audio Book
5 Step Marketing Plan Audio Book
You will find a clear, step-by-step marketing plan template you can easily follow that will help you achieve more growth and success in your business. 
5 Step Marketing Plan
Finding Hope in God Audio Book
You will discover why you can trust God as your source of hope no matter what you are going through.
Finding Hope in God
Giving Thanks- 
Audio Book
Your life and the way you live it will never be the same once you discover the miraculous power of gratitude!
Giving Thanks Audio Book
21 Power Habits
for a Winning Life (Vol.2)
In this 2nd volume you will find many more power habits with empowering affirmations and words of wisdom.
21 Power Habits Volume 2 Audio Book
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